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The Zone

The Zone María del Buey

Installation at the Instituto Cervantes Dublin, where, through its windows, the project The Zone by Spanish artist María del Buey, can be access from the street and at ground floor level. 

Located in the digital realm under the shape of a Google Drive shareable folder, the Zone is a visual, sound and conceptual space that questions the visitor about the myths of the digital cloud and the physical spaces of Dublin - from its shores and backgrounds to the great buildings of the Grand Canal Dock and the calm surface of its waters. This installation proposes to the visitor encountering this space at its own risk, combining and navigating the elements that configurate the Zone (sounds, QR codes scattered around the city of Dublin, stories or winking images), making its own path at every step. Contemporary urban landscapes are shown as much as hidden and The Zone, rooted in the city of Dublin and at the different levels that configure its grounds, resembles a dismissed creep, a speculative narration of somewhere that might have not existed. 

Along with this installation, developed by María del Buey with the support and collaboration of the Cervantes Institute of Dublin, the artist will take a guided walk through The Zone on the Grand Canal Dock in Dublin during Culture Night (September 17th). 

The project The Zone-La Zona is part of the Occupied Spaces programme, which aims to spark multi-faceted collaborations, linking Spanish-speaking artists with contexts, cultural agents and the places where the Instituto Cervantes centres are located. The idea is to bring artistic practice and its makers closer to the citizens of the world.


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