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Acción xm2

Acción xm2 Elisa Miravalles

The project Acción xm2 is part of the Occupied Spaces programme, which aims to spark multi-faceted collaborations, linking Spanish-speaking artists with contexts, cultural agents and the places where the Instituto Cervantes centres are located. The idea is to bring artistic practice and its makers closer to the citizens of the world.

Acción xm2 is a set of simultaneous performances during which each of 15 different artists will perform their creative actions on a spot of exactly one square meter at the premises of Instituto Cervantes. Their proposals can be participative, ludic, related to daily activities or actions of mobilisation and denunciation, among others. They will all combine with each other in the same space during a two-hour experience. It is a proposal from our gallery that was very much acclaimed both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to be able to provide the public with diverse and multiple approaches to a variety of themes and visions of Performance Art and artists in the same venue on the same day.

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