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Oralidad Festival

Oralidad Festival Oralidad

This program is supported by a generous grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council.

Instituto Cervantes and the National Hispanic Cultural Center, with the collaboration of AMP Concerts, present the first edition of the Oralidad festival. With the support of NM Humanities. Oralidad is a three-day festival that combines workshops, lectures, panel discussions, storytelling performances and musical performances connected to the oral tradition and storytellers. This festival is born with two essential purposes: to promote the oral tradition of storytelling and to establish a collaboration between artists from New Mexico, Spain, Latin America and the rest of the United States to create new works together and contribute to the improvement of storytelling.

New Mexico is the right place for a festival focused on the oral tradition, such as this one. Native American cultures, Latin American oral tradition and cultural expressions such as flamenco converge in this territory and the Cervantes Institute has the vocation to encourage this union of cultures and to promote the exchange between artists of diverse origins. Three days open to academic and theoretical debate, to bring children closer to the secrets of storytellers and to have some of the most relevant musicians and storytellers in the United States. Travel restrictions have meant that this year we will be limited to artists residing in the United States, but in the following editions we will be able to count on others coming from Latin America and Spain.

Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in Oralidad festival do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or the New Mexico Humanities Council.

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