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Matilde Machiavello

Matilde Machiavello Matilde Machiavello

Instituto Cervantes de Albuquerque, as part of its Oralidad festival, offers this workshop for adults in which Matilde Machiavello will demonstrate that telling stories, remembering stories from our collective unconscious and from our family narrative, is a form of healing. In this workshop, in which she intersperses Spanish and English, she offers a playful way to grow as a person. About Matilde Machiavello. Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), during her adolescence she moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she was trained as an English teacher, neurolinguistic programming, team coach, Brain gym 101 facilitator and storyteller. She has more than 20 years of experience as an educator and working in the development of people individually or in teams to enhance their talent and creativity. A resident of the United States for many years, she enjoys sharing fictional and real stories in both her native Spanish and English, in which she combines the different tools and strategies in which she has been trained. As a storyteller, Matilde believes in the "magical power of stories" in shaping a new and ideal reality, overcoming obstacles and/or healing. She also shares this ability with NGOs that support women recovering from trauma and painful experiences.

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