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Video creation in Galicia: A Cartography

Video creation in Galicia: A Cartography Intersección - Instituto Cervantes

Throughout the month of September, the Vimeo channel of the Instituto Cervantes becomes a space where cinema, video art, video clips and other models of audiovisual creation of imprecise definition converge, as it is especially in these tangential territories, at those intersections , where experimentation and development of new audiovisual languages ​​are more conducive.

This month, thanks to the collaborationwith the A Coruña Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art Intersección, the cycle "Videocreación en Galicia: una cartografía" shows a collection of extremely heterogeneous pieces, whose common points are, on the one hand, their will to overcome or reinvent the limits of audiovisual language; and, on the other, having formed this Galician festival with an international vocation, which seeks to accommodate and disseminate the new voices of audiovisual creation.

From Alberte Pagán's work, who plays with the projection of roots on the live recording of an anti-fascist demonstration, to the rhythmic and vibrant video creations of the DSK collective, to the animated satire of David Fidalgo, the viewer will find a very wide spectrum of videos of remarkable singularity. In short, «Videocreation in Galicia. A cartography »forms a space that is as singular as it is necessary because it accommodates borderline and little-traveled cinematographic languages, whose authors are undoubtedly called upon to renew the possibilities of audiovisual language and experimental cinema in our country.

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