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Juan Mariné. Goya de Honor

Juan Mariné. Goya de Honor Fotografía: Wenceslao Scyzoryk. Diseño: Lola Montero

For the four consecutive years, the Cervantes Institute celebrates the Goya Honorary Award granted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain this year 2024 to cinematographer and film inventor Juan Mariné for "his entire dedication to cinema during more than eighty years of career that pass through the history of Spanish cinema, for his efforts in the work of film conservation and restoration, and for vividly representing, through his craft, the importance of light in the history of our cinema". From our Vimeo channel we will present four feature films chosen by this centenary professional whose gaze has covered our cinema of the last century and has developed an essential imaginary for Spanish culture. The four titles of the cycle Juan Mariné. Goya de Honor series are presented in pairs. First of all, the black and white aesthetics of the first two films, Un millón en la basura, exemplifies the very different nature of the visual aesthetics behind a film shot in the countryside and another in the city, especially at night. Secondly, The Astronaut and The Rift are two titles that are located in two genres that force a photograph that makes supernatural spaces credible, such as science fiction and horror.

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Juan Mariné. Goya de Honor 2024 from Instituto Cervantes on Vimeo.

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