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José Sacristán: Goya de Honor 2022

José Sacristán: Goya de Honor 2022 Jorge Fuembuena. Por cortesía de la Academia del cine

The Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences annually awards a special Prize, the Goya de Honor, to artists whose career is of undeniable value and relevance. In the 2022 edition, the award "Goya de Honor" goes to José Sacristán, one of the most prestigious, respected and beloved actors in Spanish cinema.

With this online film series, the Instituto Cervantes joins the academic recognition and homage to the figure of José Sacristán, a multifaceted actor with an enormous career in Spanish cinema, who has participated in more than one hundred films of very different spectrum and intention.

Selected by Sacristán himself, the cycle presents four titles that provide interesting attention to the moment in which they were made. In addition, the participation of our protagonist in them reveals his pact with the cinema as a tool for social dialogue and as a reflection of his hard work alongside four generations of filmmakers with whom he has cemented his exemplary profession as an interpreter.

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