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Asignatura pendiente

Asignatura pendiente Iván Zulueta

Directed by the Oscar winner José Luis Garci, the film became an emblem for the young generation that had been born during the Franco regime and that faced, with the arrival of democracy, the difficult task of taking stock of the influence of the dictatorship in his way of being. José Sacristán and Fiorella Faltoyano star in a love story that looks at a Spanish society that is going through a change that denotes a new country, where people like them will have to forge a new future.

Sinopsis:José and Elena, a couple in the past, meet again after many years in which they have lost sight of each other. Both have built their lives apart from each other, and already married, they fall in love again remembering what their relationship was like and realizing that they left a "pending subject" in their relationship: they never made love, due to the pressures of the strict morality of the 50s.

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