Cultural activities

From Shorts to Feature Films

From Shorts to Feature Films Lola Montero (Instituto Cervantes). Foto: Luis M. González

In collaboration with Alcine, the Alcalá de Henares film festival, which turned fifty years old in 2020 and is one of the oldest festivals in Spain, during the month of April, the Vimeo channel of Instituto Cervantes will present the work of four filmmakers. In order to celebrate the festival's anniversary, the film series proposes two works (a short and a feature film) by each of the filmmakers selected from among its participants. In this way, in addition to making Alcine's work known, it shows how some filmmakers work in one format or another according to their interests and according to the stories they have to tell. The program includes the work of the directors Juanjo Giménez, Álex Montoya, and Belén Macías, and the producer María del Puy Alvarado --four artists who have been presenting their work at the festival throughout their careers.

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