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ISLA Festival. Memory and Signs

ISLA Festival. Memory and Signs Miriam Abuin

In "Memory and Signs", memorable poet José Ángel Valente provided cues to a poetics indispensable to make sense of our world which is still relevant today. Until then, words, the music, the performing arts, the essay and science were the classic means to confront this endeavour; the poet unveiled the infinite possibilities of them meshing together. It is this idea that inspires us to celebrate ISLA festival’s eighth year; shifting from curiosity to doubt, from the enthusiasm to the intuition. Come close to weave, in company of Irish, Peruvians, Cubans, Argentinians, Chileans, Colombians, Mexicans and Spaniards, this new ISLA of outlines and flavours, aromas and territories our memory anticipates, our senses perceive and our dreams guess. Come if in doubt

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