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IX ISLA Festival. Lost (and Found) Paradises

IX ISLA Festival. Lost (and Found) Paradises Instituto Cervantes Dublín, Laura Martín

From Milton to Borges and from Cervantes to Seamus Heaney, poets and novelists, together with artists and creators, have taught us that paradise can be found around the corner or in our innermost imagination. In an island at the end of the world or in the depths of a book, in the clamour of a symphony or in the sacred fire of a stew, in the colours of a canvas or in the silence of a library —the idea of happiness interweaves with the dreams and inquietude of the human being, painting infinite notions of paradise. In this unique moment of convergence between anxiety and hope, the 9th ISLA Festival will bring together the Irish, Spanish, Argentinian, Cuban, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican and Peruvian to celebrate the dialogue among our languages, our cultures and our dreams. Join us.

This year, ISLA launches a three-day online programme with free, multidisciplinary events that includes music, poetry readings, illustration, short-shorts and a children’s event. 

Ilustrad/as: A glance at the avant-garde feminine creation in 2020 is a virtual exhibition that will feature works by 12 internationally renowned female creators from the Hispanic world. The exhibition, curated by Matilde Rodríguez, puts the spotlight on the most creative and personal works of the featured illustrators while exploring the different formats and techniques they use: serigraphy, collage, ceramics, animation, digital drawing, sculpture or installation. The 53 works specially highlight the high level of creativity and innovation of present feminine illustration.

The virtual exhibition will be accessible on the three days of the festival from this same website.

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