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New cinephilias online

New cinephilias online Instituto Cervantes - Ángela Valverde y Lola Montero

"The other Spanish cinema" was the label attached to the generation that started working at the dawn of the 21st century. They are filmmakers who sought to express themselves with new paradigms and who benefited from the freedom offered by the digital revolution. During the last twenty years, these artists have created a niche where they experiment with new narrative models. There is no doubt that, with them, new spectators are born who appreciate and await their traces: the modes of postmodernity, the visual quality, the formal daring and the multiple representations of these films, like some of the features they share and that are recognised by creators and viewers. This "other Spanish cinema" has been defended by festivals, which continue to act as places to (in)form and connect with contemporary cinemagoers. Our program «New Cinephilias Online», organised with the Seville Film Festival, aims to give visibility to this new current in independent and creative Spanish cinema, and also to recognise the programming and educational work that is an important element of the festival culture.

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