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Broken Symmetries

Broken Symmetries Juan Cortés. Atractor Studio

New technologies and the advent of artificial intelligence and big data can be, when combined with the arts, powerful methodological tools for investigating, problematizing and reflecting on contemporary environmental crises. 

This panel is a discussion on the potential of art to play a bigger role between scientific entities and NGOs, becoming not only translators of complex quantum systems but complementing these data with visual poetry The panel includes Heriberto Tapia, senior member of the research and writing team of the United Nations Human Development Report and the artists Juan Cortés, Eva Davidova and Mark Ramos.

The panel will be moderated by artist Janet Biggs and Asher Remy-Toledo director of HyphenHub Art & Technology Community

Performance: Migrants by Juan Cortés and Estudio Atractor
The audiovisual work is inspired on a true story of bird migration in 2014. Golden Warbler birds faced adverse conditions due to global warming that generated storms on the coast of Florida, which was their main destination. This caused the birds to alter their migration routes, being forced to explore an alternative route through Mexico and Central America until they reached Colombia. 

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