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The Oceans, 500 years later

The Oceans, 500 years later Instituto Cervantes

In this colloquium we would like to reflect on the evolution of our oceans, taking as a starting point the discovery of these seas to make a comparison with the current conditions and the destruction they have suffered. We will also consider the work of science and the value of understanding history as a weapon to be used in the conservation of our planet. 

Topics such as the threats to marine biodiversity will be discussed, including the adverse effects we see on health and in the changing climate due to the effects of human action on the environment. The importance of well-planned waste management will be considered. The physical, chemical, biological and geological effects that explain the current state of the oceans will be reviewed. 

The discussion will also highlight the tools available and the urgent need for crucial actions that must be taken, such as the creation of an adequate international network of marine reserves, which will allow future generations to enjoy the oceans.