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La Sabina

La Sabina Dibujo de la Hermandad pictórica, basado en una foto fija del film

Based on the story of the English who traveled to Spain in search of its mystery, from the 19th century onwards, the film plunges into a strange world, where you can still access a certain mythology about women, who share the foreign and local gaze of the small Andalusian town where it takes place. Moreover, this location is offered to us as a reborn costumbrismo, which the director José Luis Borau already sees from a new perspective in relation to previous Spanish cinema. The film is a co-production with Sweden, and presents in the role of Pepa a young Ángela Molina immersed in an international cast (with Ovidi Montllor), which confirms her place in European and international cinema, which she had accessed two years before by the hands of Buñuel.

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