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The Silent Creation

The Silent Creation La Pera

La creación muda (The Silent Creation), named after a text by Walter Benjamin, celebrates the magic of the language of art and reflects on the infinite possibilities that exist to generate dialogue. The exhibiting artists, all belonging to Spanish-speaking countries—Laura Jiménez Galvis, Alba Lorente, Daniel Mantilla, Fernando Martín Godoy, Hernán Rivera Luque, Quintín Rivera Toro, and Alex Valls—expand the use of language as a common means of interaction, using the spirit of art as a way to communicate. 

The exhibition is organized by La Pera Projects, a digital curatorial platform that showcases biweekly presentations of contemporary artists. The platform is born out of the mission to educate, disseminate, and promote contemporary art among general audiences.  There will be a guided tour online with the participants of the exhibition.

The curatorial team behind the platform is Clara Andrade Pereira and Blanca Pascual Baztán, Spanish-born, New York city-based art professionals with extensive careers in the art world, who are joined by Blanca Vallejo Fernández, the coordinator of the project in Spain.