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Beyond the interior landscape.

Beyond the interior landscape. Carlos David González

The collective exhibition is a reexamination of the natural, human, urban and rural environment in the USA from the perspective of the "other", with the objective of finding in others the intimate expressions of anxiety and questions that arise in human beings independently of their origins. 

The exhibition is an exploration of the most intimate "I" through a series of portraits by Carlos González, of the spiritual stages with rural and urban photography by Irene Lozano, of the emotions  and  understanding of the most untamed natural environment with Pilar Caballero, and the intellectual visual poetry of Mónica Parra. The exhibition covers different center spaces, transforming a common workplace into a unexpected artistic and creative space.   

The four "I's" that assemble sensibilities in order to create a new landscape that breaks barriers between the "I" and the world as two separate realities, and between space for the arts and daily life because all spaces can be considered a space for creation. A collective story that poses an art concept as both social and integrative, in which the visitor can reflect upon  and question their situation in the space that we all share, internally and externally.

Curated by Verónica Gálvez.

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