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Garelako Usue Egia

With a song by Eneko Sagardoy as a thematic and narrative column, the writer and animator Usue Egia proposes a journey through various characters and stories that illustrate a call to freedom for everyone to define themselves and feel as each and every one wants.

Garelako, by Eneko Sagardoy: "The grey sky will not suffocate us. We will flee to the sun. They want to put straw hearts on us. Let us feel what we prefer. If the wings of the bird are for walking, if the whale is denied the sea, we will see nothing but fiction. If above all words is the lie, we will go forward, whether you want to or not. If someone is free, it is because we all are. We will truly live with you or without you. You'll notice sooner or later. We are not monsters, we do not eat anyone. The sun warms us and the rain wets us. Now you have realized: we are flesh and blood, just like you. Marichico or Marichica, we are told. Stop talking banally. Learn one thing well and keep it in your head, that the only Mari is Anboto's."

Synopsis: As a kind of video clip, the animated images are followed to the rhythm of the song Garelako by Eneko Sagardoy and tell us the story of different couples and characters who want to live their identity and sexuality freely.

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