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Ezohikoak Alejandra Bueno

Through a work with archive photographs, the animator Alejandra Bueno makes a reinterpretation of the presence of women in Basque culture, which combines the manipulation and intervention of these images with the oral enumeration of the functions traditionally attributed to women. The result is a provocative example of how to assume and reverse the elements of tradition and its representation to show their fissures and to open those meanings that are no longer viable or sustainable. In the process we will witness new representations of gender and sexual options that ignaites, even more, the critical discourse that the short film seeks.

Synopsis: The idea of Basque matriarchy has survived to this day, but is it something real? It seems very beautiful, but sometimes the story is not as we are told, and that is why this short film will tell us a more recent version through a collage of images.

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Ezohikoak Trailer-a from Alejandra Bueno on Vimeo.

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