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Dejarse crecer el cuerpo (Letting your body grow)

Dejarse crecer el cuerpo (Letting your body grow) Andrea Gudiño

As part of her thesis project, filmmaker Andrea Gudiño proposed this animated documentary that brings us closer to the issue of sexual binarism. The possibility of using the experiences and personal testimonies of real people that do not appear in the image, but are generated from an original use of materials and cinematographic techniques, achieves an enormous visual and didactic impact, one of the most effective resources in an animated documentary like this. The short film is an interesting approach to different ways of conceiving identity, the relationship with one's own body and love.

Synopsis: Six real testimonies of people with different gender identities, especially non-binary, follow one another and overlap in this work, which shows their experiences and personal realities through stop motion and materials such as paper.

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