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The second feature film by Belén Macías is presented as a true duel between its two adult protagonists, actresses Goya Toledo and María León, in a real state of performing grace. The film is set in a genuine women's cinema, where the questioning of motherhood and solidarity is intermixed without leaving any space covered with the codes of this wonderful melodrama. 

Synopsis: A biological mother, Sara, and a foster mother, Virginia, share a nine-year-old girl, Claire. As a result of Sara’s problems with alcohol and drugs, justice removed her from custody of her daughter when Claire was four years old. The girl was given foster care to Virginia and Alberto, whom the little girl has considered her parents ever since. Everything changes when, five years later, a judge decides to hand over Claire to Sara, who has managed to rebuild her life and has a stable job. The news feels like a kick in the teeth on the lives of Virginia and Alberto, who have to deliver the girl.

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