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The illustration is one of the most imaginative branches of creation and is experiencing a moment of splendour, in which the work of illustrators, especially female illustrators, is being highly recognised both professionally and artistically. In the field of publishing, where the concept of the illustrated book is becoming increasingly popular, the work of female illustrators stands out especially, favouring with their creations the re-publication of universal classics or completing visually the creation of current projects.

Curated by Matilde Rodríguez, the exhibition brings together creators of national and international renown, such as the Chilean Luisa Rivera, the Spanish Sonia Pulido, María Hesse, Helena Pérez García and Lara Lars. The exhibition aims to focus on the freest, most creative and personal work of the selected illustrators, as well as exploring the different formats and techniques with which they work: silkscreen prints, collages, ceramics, risographs, digital drawing, sculptures and installations.

There will be 12 publications, one with each of the 12 artists, and each publication will present the work of each of them. Each publication includes the artworks, the label of each illustrator's account and a link to the virtual exhibition.