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Iberia Morena Fims/Egeda

With this documentary film, Saura continues his line of work, which uses contemporary flamenco to make his contribution to Spanish musical cinema, accompanied by unquestionable artists such as dancers Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, José Antonio Ruiz, Aída Gómez and Patrick de Bana, the musicians Manolo Sanlúcar, Gerardo Núñez and Jorge Pardo and the singers Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella. 

This film also begins a more ambitious stage that will lead Saura to investigate the folkloric tradition of other environments, directly addressing them, as he will demonstrate in two of his later films: Fados (2007) and Zonda, Argentine folklore (2015). 

Synopsis: Based on Iberia, the musical piece by Isaac Albéniz, this documentary follows the rehearsals and performances of dancers, choreographers, musicians and singers, all great artists of the world of contemporary flamenco.

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