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Goya en Burdeos

Goya en Burdeos Lola 2002, Italian International Films/Egeda

The figure of Francisco de Goya has had different approaches in the form of biopics that have highlighted the genius of the Spanish painter. Saura used the interpretive roots of Paco Rabal to address the last times of the painter, exiled and deaf, and uses his work to illustrate his own way of understanding the past of a country torn by war and political division. The photography of Vittorio Storaro, Saura's recurring collaborator, creates a visual composition that dialogues explicitly with the different imaginaries of the painter. Saura will return to this historical character with a 2022 short film entitled Goya: May 3rd, where he brings to life the famous homonymous canvas. 

Synopsis: The famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, over eighty years old, finds himself in exile in Bordeaux with his last lover and his daughter Rosario. On his deathbed he recalls the best moments of his life, as if it were a walk through his work.

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