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Bodas de sangre

Bodas de sangre Emiliano Piedra/Egeda

The importance of the work of Federico García Lorca in the Spanish culture of the 20th century is inescapable and persistent, despite the silence he suffered during the Franco regime, and perhaps because of it. With this film (which will be followed by Carmen and El amor brujo), Carlos Saura begins a trilogy that will redefine the dramatic tradition of Spanish culture. This cinematographic proposal comes from the hand of musical cinema and unites two leading artists of Spanish dance: Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos.

Synopsis: Lorca's drama merges with the beauty of an exquisite flamenco ballet to tell the sad story of a bride who, on the very day of her wedding, runs away with her lover —an old boyfriend with whom she is still in love—becoming the object of persecution of the future husband and his family.

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