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¡Ole! Flamenco

¡Ole! Flamenco Rina Srabonian

The Instituto Cervantes Manchester, the Consulate General of Spain in Manchester, the Flamenco de Jerez, and the International Flamenco Instituto of Jerez invite you to the opening night of  "¡Ole! Flamenco. Rina Srabonian Photography Exhibition".

"¡Ole! Flamenco" features a captivating selection of photographs curated by the artist Rina Srabonian, captured during the Festival de la Bulería de Jerez. Through her lens, Srabonian beautifully portrays the strength, movement, and passion that flamenco embodies within the community. The exhibition takes us on a visual journey showcasing renowned contemporary flamenco artists such as Paula Comitre, Manuel Liñán, and Diego del Morao, alongside revered figures representing the roots and traditions of flamenco, including Tía Juana "la del Pipa," Nano de Jerez, and Romerito de Jerez.

Join us at the Instituto Cervantes Manchester, where the exhibition will be on display until 15 May, 2024. The opening night promises to be an immersive experience, featuring a guided tour by the artist Rina Srabonian and a flamenco guitar performance, accompanied by the delightful addition of Spanish wine.

Rina Srabonian, born in the Middle East with an Armenian background (Ռինա Սրապոնեան), pursued studies in Interior Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and has been residing in the UK ever since. With a versatile career spanning both 2D and 3D design disciplines, including digital and editorial platforms, Srabonian has excelled in creating exhibition stands and marketing materials for large corporate events. Her role involved strategic planning, technical expertise, and collaboration with extensive teams, delivering visually compelling communication tailored to specific audiences. Passionate about flamenco, she captures her work as a photographer at the Festival de Bulería de Jerez in her collection, ¡Ole! Flamenco.