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The Uncertain Inhabitant

The Uncertain Inhabitant El habitante incierto

Guillem Morales' long-awaited debut feature did not disappoint an audience that had faithfully followed the path laid out by his short films. The mystery story that takes place inside a house and in the head of the protagonist, links this debut with the best genre of cinema of all time. Synopsis: Félix is an architect who feels how his emotional stability cracks when his girlfriend, Vera, refuses to continue living with him. One night he receives a visit from a stranger who asks him to use his phone. Felix lets him in and, in a moment of inattention, that man seems to disappear into his house without leaving a trace. From then on, a series of distressing events will lead him to the conclusion that the intruder has stayed in his own home and is threatening his own life. Felix thus begins a perverse relationship with the space that surrounds him.

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