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Classics with you Clásicos contigo

Approaching the canon - always questionable - that make up the classics of Spanish cinema is a good opportunity to recognize the cinema that connected with the public of its time, a cinema that made a bet to understand the context and do so through films that will soon they became iconic. The Instituto Cervantes is pleased to present the new online programming of the Instituto Cervantes in this way and proposes this cycle for the programming of its network of internationally located centers. The titles of the program will be screened through the Vimeo channel of the Cervantes Institute and will feature a short presentation by members of the Film Academy, the co-organizer of the activity. The selected films belong to the AECID Film Library (Spanish Agency for Cooperation and Development) catalog and will be presented with subtitles in English and Portuguese (from Brazil) in the first stage of the program, which corresponds to the films, commonly called "black and white".

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