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1st Hispanic Cinema Fortnight in Dublin

The Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Peru are proud to present the first event dedicated to Hispanic cinema in Dublin. We have prepared a diverse programme to celebrate the wealth and artistic quality and good stories in Hispanic cinema.

Argentina brings a comedy of manners set in the 1980s, witty but that also deals with prejudices and identity no less. Colombia participates with The Dragon Defense included in the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight the year of its release. Cuba and Mexico participate with stories about differences, of class in Habanastation and generational differences in El estudiante (The Student), and make palpable how alien we are to fellow humans’ realities. Peruvian film Climas (Climates) rounds up a programme to enjoy the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world through its representation of the disparity of societies in Lima, the Amazonian tropics and the Andes. From Chile we will learn about the importance of appearances in the black comedy Vacaciones en familia. Spain’s contribution is through a relatable and artistically accomplished debut film. Lino Escalera’s drama Can’t Say Goodbye speaks of different ways to confront illness of a loved one.

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