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From Roots and Flowers

From Roots and Flowers Ana Molina

Poetry and music recital with performers and writers Israel Domínguez Pérez, David López Ximeno, Victoria Guerrero, John Hoban and Isabela Basombrio Hoban. Their poems and songs will help us reconnect with our deepest selves, the metaphorical roots and flowers that keep us engaged in life. 

Isabela Basombrio Hoban is a multidisciplinary Peruvian born artist working on visual art, music and poetry. Through her work, she explores the meaning of life and spacetime. 

Israel Domínguez is an awarded Cuban poet and translator who has published numerous collections of poetry. His poems have been included in anthologies and international literature magazines, such as World Literature Today or Prairie Schooner. 

Victoria Guerrero Peirano is a Peruvian poet, teacher and feminist activist. She is the author of the awarded essay Y la muerte no tendrá dominio (FCE, 2019), among other literary books. 

John Hoban is a songwriter, singer, musician and author from Castlebar, specializing in Irish traditional music. 

David López Ximeno is a poet, historical and cultural essayist, researcher and cultural manager who has published poems such as "Música Sacra", "José Martí", or "Newyorker's Jazz" and essays such as Fernando Ortiz ante el Enigma de la Criminalidad Cubana.

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