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Chiribiquete, an expedition to the centre of the Earth

Chiribiquete, an expedition to the centre of the Earth Carlos Arturo Ramírez

The film, made in 2017 by the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia, reveals the treasures of this jewel of the Amazon through the eyes of an expert. Lovers of art, nature and science, will particularly enjoy this film. Chiribiquete, Cinematographic Expedition to the Centre of the Earth is the fascinating journey of Colombian archaeologist and anthropologist Carlos Castaño, who returns to the place he accidentally discovered 30 years ago -due to a forced detour on his way to the Amazon- to the denominated the Sistine Chapel of Latin American archaeology. 

The team of scientists and the director of the film, Carlos Arturo Ramírez, express their awe at the sight of this landscape protected by the jaguar men, guardians of the temple of the mountain range of Chiribiquete, a place of almost intact biological wealth and a collection of over 75,000 murals featuring the jaguar as undisputed protagonist. Chiribiquete, in Karijuna language “the hill where to draw”, is located in the Colombian Amazon, an area where the most ancient rock formations in the planet can be found. 

Chiribiquete is part of the documentary series Colombia Bio, which documents science expeditions to territories so far very inaccessible to research for different reasons. Said expeditions, carried out by Colciencias -today the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation- aim to communicate the rich biodiversity of Colombia, pairing each expedition with well-known Colombian cinema directors.

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