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Yalla Javier Moreno Cepero

Carlo D'Ursi career –actor, director and producer–, is an impeccable project commitment to stories that force us to look where we don't want to: towards realities outside our daily lives. Diamantes negros (Black Diamonds) (2013, directed by Miguel Alcantud) or Tabib (2017) talk about the lives of people who live in other parts of the planet and who suffer the effects of war or the dependency or vulnerability that emanates from poverty. Based on a true story and with a fascinating photography, Yalla describes how life can be shattered into a thousand pieces by a mistake in technology. 

Synopsis: Mufid, a 14-year-old boy plays soccer with his friends. He misses a shot and makes the ball disappear over a hill. He doesn't want to go looking for it, but he knows he will. When he enters the area guarded by a military drone, he discovers that Amina has taken his ball. Mufid tries to get it back. Hassan takes the ball away from the teenagers and throws it into some ruins; inside, a great secret. The drone goes on alert. Mufid comes out of the ruins with the ball, but the drone is not sure. Mufid becomes a new target. A big explosion will end everything.

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