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The ghosts of history

The ghosts of history Moisés Saman

The Spanish-Peruvian photographer, Magnum Photos full member, Moisés Saman, will participate in the 12th edition of the Amman Image Festival, presenting his photography exhibition The Ghosts of History.

Synopsis of the exhibition: Two decades after the American invasion of Iraq, The Ghosts of History offers a personal vision of Moisés Saman that explores the construction and rivalry of multiple narratives in the context of war coverage. 

Through dialogue and contrast between images taken by Saman during more than 20 years of documentary work in Iraq, and war-related texts that include quotes from various influential actors, lists of military codes used by the US military, and other documents, this exhibition invites us to reflect on the creation of collective memory after a conflict. Who has the power to narrate a conflict? Who determines the parameters of our vision? What crimes or victims will be visible, and at whose expense?

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