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Calabuch Olcina

After the success of Bienvenido Míster Marshall, Berlanga directs a co-production with Italy set in a small Valencian village where a mysterious character arrives, who will be integrated into the daily life of a number of characters, who explode their own stereotypes. The nuclear energy race that announces a change in the history of the world is appreciated from the point of view of a rural environment, where the economic and vital shortages are palliated with humanism and solidarity.

Synopsis: Tired of working on the construction of atomic bombs and alarmed by the destructive scope of his discovery, an American scientist of international prestige flees his country and takes refuge in the anonymity of a peaceful village on the Mediterranean coast called Calabuch. There, the professor is mistaken for the accomplice of a smuggler, for which he is arrested by the Civil Guard and locked up in a dungeon.

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