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Tribute to renowned Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucía

Tribute to renowned Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucía Ziggurat Films / Telecinco Cinema / Mediaset España / Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales / Fundación SGAE / Canal+ España / Acción Cultural Española

Musicians Antonio Sánchez and Antonio Serrano, who shared many musical and ‎personal experiences with the maestro Paco de Lucía, will present a live show in ‎homage to the legendary flamenco guitarist. The documentary Paco de Lucia: The ‎Search will be screened before the concert.

The repertoire focuses on original and emblematic themes by Paco de Lucía, on those ‎who performed with him as well as some compositions inspired by the maestro and the ‎documentary Paco de Lucía: La búsqueda winner of a Goya prize for the best ‎documentary directed by the children of the Maestro, Curro and Casilda Sánchez.

Antonio Sánchez is the nephew of Paco de Lucía and the maestro's second guitar; and ‎Antonio Serrano is one of the best musicians in Spain and one of the best world ‎harmonists known for introducing the harmonica into the flamenco art along with Paco de ‎Lucía.‎



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