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Sanmao, La novia del desierto

Sanmao, La novia del desierto Alejandro Amenábar

The story of the Chinese writer Sanmao brings us closer to the life of a woman who built a powerful literary world that opened the doors of her country to a western and distant imaginary. Her public persona became an icon of modernity that would be helped by the evolution of her own story, which was marked by tragedy and mystery, still unraveled today.

Synopsis: In the 1970s, the Chinese writer and traveler Sanmao lived a passionate love story with the Spanish diver José María Quero. They traveled to the Spanish Sahara where Sanmao captured their daily experiences in the book Tales from the Sahara, a best-selling phenomenon in Taiwan and China. Sanmao became an icon of an independent woman and the protagonist of a life with legendary overtones, mixing love, adventure, literature and tragedy.

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