Cultural activities

14th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial


More living in the architecture, more humanity in the cities.

“The Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in this XIV edition, wants to highlight the idea of living as the basis of the architecture and the humanization of the cities. This is an idea that is not only explained by the different functional programs, but by the quality and features of the spaces. With the idea of inhabiting, this edition pretends to value the surroundings, the life in the society, the spaces, and the privacy of the spaces without lessen the creativity of the buildings. The humanization of the architecture of the city is based on the proximity, the human scales and the spaces, both of relations and privacy.

The current exhibition shows the recognition of a specialized jury, composed by 14 members, of the best architecture and urbanism works carried out in our country and abroad, done by Spanish architects among 2016 and 2017. In addition, the exhibition shows the recognition of the research works linked to the industrial development of the sector, and to the divulgation of the architecture and the investigation. A parallel exhibition holds the panorama of the awarded projects in the Final Degree Projects Exhibition, from young architects graduated in Spanish Universities.