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Marwan, El viejo boxedor

Marwan, El viejo boxedor ICNY


Marwán, considered one of the leading voices among Spanish singer-songwriters, will perform for the first time in the U.S. as part of the Cervantes Institute's "La palabra en la música" program.  This new series of concerts highlights the craft, creativity and lyricism of the artists.

After an extensive concert tour of Spain and Mexico to present his latest work, "El Viejo Boxeador" he will make his only U.S. appearance in New York. While following in the tradition of the cantautores, he has developed his own sound. In some ways he goes beyond the the elements that appear in the work of the other artists. This is especially true in his most recent album, "El Viejo Boxeador" (Sony Music, 2020), where he abandons pretensions and definitively surrenders to the artist that he is: a narrator of very diverse stories that pivot around the existence of the human being and the world in which he lives, always with his own unmistakable and beautiful style and sound. The songs included in El Viejo Boxeador were recorded and produced in Sheffield by Colin Elliot who has worked with artists such as Richard Hawley or Kylie Minogue. “It's an album full of thematic and musical variety, the most complete I've ever done in this sense.