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Maria Terremoto &Santiago Lara

Maria Terremoto &Santiago Lara Instituto Cervantes

Maria Terremoto, Singer. En concierto shows the orthodox sing-manners approach on María Terremotos lyrics. She wants to show us her intentions in the defined style she is following as a Flamenco singer; creating a mixture between the most traditional Flamenco music and the trendiest sound currently used in this deep soul musical art. Acknowledge by critics as a reference of cante among youngsters, María Terremoto picks up in this work, the songs that have accompanied her since childhood. She will be accompanied by her most trusted musicians, including the well-known guitar players Diego del Morao and Manuel Parrilla, the talented piano player Pedro R. Miño and the prestigious voice of the Flamenco singer Esperanza Fernández. 

Santiago Lara, Guitar,  arises to offer an experience of the evolution of the flamenco guitar. This progress is reflected in the development, learning process and elaboration of a unique personal style in Santiago Lara. The Guitar, together with the cante and dance, has allowed Flamenco to transcend all borders. The selection presented in this compilation, offers a current interpretation through the guitar, that travels across the best sounds of flamenco music in time. The masterpieces included in this selection, offers a variety of technical skill, compositional level and harmony, that under the captivating interpretation of Santiago Lara, the space is filled with abundance of emotions and colors.

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