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Moscoso Cosmos: Victor Moscoso's Visual Universe

Moscoso Cosmos: Victor Moscoso's Visual Universe Victor Moscoso

Moscoso Cosmos. Victor Moscoso's Visual Universe brings a wide selection of the work of one of the most original and influential graphic designers of the 20th century. Victor Moscoso was born in the Coruña town Vilaboa (A Coruña, España) in 1936. In 1940, he traveled with his family to New York and settled down in Brooklyn. He trained as a designer and an artist at the Industrial Art Institute in Manhattan, at the Cooper Union School and at the Yale University School of Art, where he was a student of Bauhausmaster Joseph Albers, whose teachings about color interaction will be fundamental in his work as a graphist.

Attracted by the beat movement, in 1959 he traveled to the west coast to start his career as a painter. However, one of his works as a graphic designer will take a happy turn in his career. The exhibition showcases the famous psychedelic rock posters made in just eight months from 1966 until 1967, and fourteen issues of the underground magazine Zap Comix published from 1968 for more than 40 years. There is also another selection of posters, record covers, comic strips, illustrations for books and magazines, animation and biographic photographs that complete a journey marked by iconic images of the second half of the 20th century. Victor Moscoso 's work comes mainly from the collection of the City Council of A Coruña, the largest public collection of the artist in Europe.

In 2017, Moscoso received the Augustus Saint-Gauden award from the Cooper Union and in 2018 the AIGA medal, one of the most recognized awards in the graphic design field. He is considered "the most original and ingenious within the genre" and his work is constantly reviewed in new exhibitions, anthologies and essays. Currently, Victor Moscoso continues drawing, making collages or painting in his studio in San Jerónimo Valley (California).

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