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La Mesa (The Table)

La Mesa (The Table) Adrian Garcia Gomez

With an interesting work of drawing on a photographic image in black and white, director Adrian Garcia Gomez delves into the memory to locate his imaginary regarding identity and the past in the environment of the western and Mexican cinema of the 40s and 50s. This short film follows its predecessor Mikveh (2016), with whom he has a sensitive harmony regarding its formality and concerns, which the Californian creator will continue in his later work, using a much more complex visual composition.

Synopsis: A series of disjointed vignettes, sketched on fragments of westerns and old Mexican films, introduce the filmmaker himself into these works, exploring the identity and longings of the queer child he was. The short film challenges the representation of man, love and masculinity.

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LA MESA by Adrian Garcia Gomez [Trailer] from adrian garcia gomez on Vimeo.

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