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Beti bezperako koplak

Beti bezperako koplak Kodo Atxaga Arnedo

The animators gathered in Ageda Kopla Taldea —a group of twenty artists coordinated by Bego Vicario— address a fascinating story that starts from the tradition of the bertsolaris, the Basque poets who recite their improvised verses, to bring us closer to the history of cultural and popular traditions at a time when their meanings and contents are being redefined.

This is part of the current collective animation works that have been carried out in recent years in the field of Fine Arts in the Basque Country, such as Areka (2016) or Miraila (2017).

Synopsis: Different types of animation follow one another and overlap creating a distressing sensation, while the voice of the bertsolari Maialen Lujanbio, verse by verse, denounces sexist violence and abuses against women. The Basque tradition of the eve of St. Agatha, in which people recite poems to the rhythm of strokes of the cane, serves as a framework for this stark social criticism.

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Beti bezperako koplak [Trailer] from Kimuak on Vimeo.

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