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Week 7

Week 7 CinemaAttic

We have some really good stuff in the seventh week. We’ve put together some of the most exciting rising stars of Spanish cinema (Carla Simon, Adrian Orr, Ian Garrido) together with classic cult Goya-winning directors of recent Spanish Short Film history (Esteban Crespo, Toni Bestard, Anna Solanas & Marc Riba). Directors with a distinctive unique vision, the latter were crucial to understand Spanish independent cinema during the 00s, the former of those are some of the directors we think will make noise in years to come. Indie stars widely recognised as Carla Simon (Summer 1993) and others yet to be discovered by the wider public like Adrian Orr (Niñato) or Ian Garrido (co-writer of latest Spanish TV hit Veneno). Social realism, magic realism and pure braw comedy on equal parts. Enjoy the ride!

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