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Introduction to Spanish Philosophy in the XXth-Century

Introduction to Spanish Philosophy in the XXth-Century ICMánchester

Spain’s early twentieth-century history will forever be linked to the memory of the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship that ensued. It was also a period of artistic and intellectual splendour. The purpose of these sessions is to serve as an introduction to twentieth-century Spanish philosophy by focusing on three of its most influential figures: Miguel de Unamuno, José Ortega y Gasset and María Zambrano. The aim is to examine these thinkers’ most outstanding contributions to the history of ideas and to position them in their socio-historical context.


26th May: “The Tragic Sense of Being Unamuno”.

2nd June: “Ortega y Gasset and his Circumstances”.

9th June: “María Zambrano: Midway between Delirium and Destiny”.

16th June: “Introduction to María Zambrano’s Poetic Reason”.

Dr. Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez is a senior lecturer at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow). She is the author of several books and articles on 20th century History of Ideas in Spain, particularly in the areas of memory, trauma, exile and political philosophy. Her publications include two monographs Against Instrumental Reason: Neo-Marxism and Spirituality in the Thought of J.L.L. Aranguren and J. Aguirre ( Anagnórisis , 2013) and, most recently, María Zambrano: A Life of Poetic Reason and Political Commitment (WUP, 2017).