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Gernikako Lobak

Gernikako Lobak Gernikako Lobak

Instituto Cervantes in Manchester presents Lobak, a cultural initiative launched by the grandchildren of the survivors of the bombing of Guernica. It was founded in 2012, on the 75th anniversary of the bombing. The aim of said initiative is to work on several creative fields, having the bombing as the central theme.    

The members of Lobak are the last generation that has received first hand testimony from the survivors of what happened on the 26th of April 1937 directly from the survivors. Their grandparents told them what they witnessed and now it is up to their grandchildren, Lobak in Basque language, to tell their story. Their message is clear: “one “Gernika” was enough” even though the World hasn’t been able to understand it, they will continue to use art, music, culture and creativity to make history, instead of using weapons and bombs.