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X ISLA Festival: 10/30/Infinity. A Celebration

X ISLA Festival: 10/30/Infinity. A Celebration Ana Molina

ISLA is ten years old this year, a nice round number that comes as we emerge from a stubborn fog through which, fortunately, more light is beginning to appear. Numbers, words, dreams, years. As the poet says, The future is there, full of days, days that we are celebrating at the Instituto Cervantes to mark the first three decades since its foundation in 1991. Thirty years creating Hispanists, building bridges across language and culture, science and art. This year, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Peru also extend a warm welcome to Nicaragua. As the Spanish-speaking community on this wonderful emerald isle keeps growing, we look forward to further sharing our customs and our concerns. We hope to continue expanding our horizons with our Irish hosts, discovering together that the future is already here, full of days to celebrate that we were once a seed and today have grown into this dynamic life. Adding years and voices into the future, to infinity. Welcome to the 10th year of the ISLA festival. (Víctor Andresco, Director Instituto Cervantes Dublin)

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