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The Runaways

The Runaways IC

Conference by Ricardo Llorca
The Runaways" is a recital for solo piano and voice of compositions by living composers from Spain who sought to expand their creative borders by moving to New York City.

With "The Runaways" we will explore the captivating crossroads of Spanish and American music through the work of contemporary Spanish composers such as Sonia Megías, Octavio Vazquez and Ricardo Llorca. All of us are composers who have found an artistic home in the United States. This talk will dive deep into the fascinating interplay between Spanish and North American musical traditions and highlight the profound influence that each has had on the other.

During this talk, we will discuss how these composers have seamlessly blended their Spanish musical heritage with the rich tapestry of American musical idioms. From classical compositions to contemporary works, we will go into their diverse and innovative creations, shedding light on the unique perspectives that have emerged from this fusion of cultures.

Furthermore, we will explore the influence Spanish music has had on the North American musical landscape, leaving an indelible mark on various genres such as classical music, jazz, pop, and even film scores. We will indentify the threads that connect these distinct musical traditions, revealing the shared emotions, rhythms, and melodic motifs that have transcended borders.

This talk aims to enlighten audiences about the cultural exchange between Spain and the United States through the lens of contemporary Spanish composers, and hopes to inspire a profound appreciation for the richness and diversity of Spanish and American musical heritages.

The Runaways piano recital
The Runaways is a recital for solo piano and voice featuring compositions by living composers from Spain who sought new aesthetic paths by moving to New York City. In their work, these composer-emigres, representing three distinct generations, attempt to balance the essence of their roots while experimenting with the techniques and styles discovered during their residence in NY. 


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