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CANCELLED - Omayra Amaya Dance Company

CANCELLED - Omayra Amaya Dance Company John Zhang

Omayra Amaya. Flamenco dancer and choreographer. Amaya's legacy is one of a deep and proud gypsy flamenco tradition. She is the daughter of flamenco dancers Olga and Curro Amaya and grandniece of the greatest Flamenco dancer who ever lived, Carmen Amaya. Omayra first appeared on stage with her parent's company, often interrupting their performances. Her first choreographed role came at age twelve, when she performed as her father's partner. At fifteen, she was touring and performing internationally with her parents and other dance companies. Already a seasoned performer, Omayra sought to expand and enrich her art by studying other dance forms. She attended the Boston Conservatory where she received a BFA in Modern dance and Choreography. As a student, Omayra caught the attention of numerous choreographers and respected performers. She worked with Ana Sokolow, Ann Marie Forsyth, Sam Kurkijan and Jennifer Scanlon.

Roberto Castellón. Flamenco guitarist and composer, began his flamenco career at a young age. His father, guitarist and singer, Roberto Castellon, was his first teacher. By the age of 6, Roberto Jr. was performing at the famous Chateau Madrid in NYC, where he sang and played the guitar accompanied by his father. By the age of 9, Roberto Jr. and father performed in various Cultural Events and Festivals touring the United States’ North East coast. Roberto Jr. continued studying flamenco guitar under the great flamenco guitarist Manolo Baron and was greatly influenced by the playing and singing of the great Sabicas, Paco De Lucia and Camaron De La Isla.

Francisco Orozco “Yiyi” is from Andalusian family, and was introduced to Flamenco rhythms at the tender age of four. Yiyi was trained by his father, the Flamenco singer “Joselón de Jerez” in his Spanish peña named “Peña Fosforito”. Considered a child prodigy of percussion Yiyi began his professional career at the age of twelve. By 17 years of age and one CD later, he became more involved with singing, particularly for dancers, and left Spain for Germany on a long-term contract with the company “Flamenco Rubio”. Since that time he has performed with “Compañia Flamenca Alhama” throughout Europe and Japan; with internationally known María Benitez “Teatro Flamenco” on Broadway and throughout the U.S.; Domingo Ortega in Venezuela as well “Casa Patas” in Madrid; Jose Greco II in the United States of America and Taiwan; and world-renowned guitarist Serranito.”

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