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Placido Manuel Summers

This corrosive Christmas story by Rafael Azcona and Luis García Berlanga, tells the adventures of a motorcycle cart driver, hired in a sordid advertising promotion campaign called "Sit a poor man at your table". As with other films of the period, life in the provinces is set against the irruption of the new consumer society, in a crossover that is neither paradoxical nor sad. The balance does not fall on either of the two ways of life, since for both there is a look of disconsolation.

Synopsis: In a small provincial town, a group of nuns who are fond of ostentatiously practicing charity organize a Christmas campaign with the slogan "Seat a poor person at your table". In order to support the initiative, the sponsorship of a brand of pots and pans is sought and a group of second-rate artists are invited from the capital and enthusiastically received at the train station. The humanitarian day is completed with a colorful parade, a public auction of the guests and a careful radio broadcast.

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