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The last spring Ijswater Films y Tourmalet Films

The Dutch filmmaker Isabel Lamberti has always dreamed of Spain, ever since, as a child, she listened to her grandmother talk about her native country. The story of a family that lives in a neighborhood in Madrid has been the best response that this director has been able to give to these children's stories, in which the strength of all its protagonists exposes a wonderful story of resistance and solidarity. 

Synopsis: The Gabarre-Mendoza family celebrates their grandson's birthday when a police inspection interrupts the celebration. In Cañada Real, a shantytown on the outskirts of Madrid, tensions arise between the authorities and residents, as land has been sold and families are forced to leave the houses, they have built themselves. Meanwhile, the mother —Agustina— goes from being a very happy woman to living tormented by fear; the father —David—, a hard-working junk dealer, tries to find a solution. But the bureaucracy of the system fails them. Meanwhile, the youngest members of the family—his son David; daughter-in-law Maria, a teenage mother, and young Alejandro—struggle in their own way with their lives on the line.

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